The First Step: Jnanamalai Bala Subrahmania Tirukkovil

On the 26th Masi month of Tamil year Vishu (10th March 2002), after a pooja the first step of Jnanamalai was laid ceremonialy. Many devotees including the Secretary of Aarupadai Veedu Mrs Alamelu Arunachalam and members of the Siruvapuri Abhisheka Committee and Tiruppugaz Sangamam were present. The puja to the First Step was conducted in the traditional way amidst chanting of Tiruppugazh, anointing the step by turmeric and sandal paste, and the performing of abishekam.

Tiru Siva Sthapati son of Tiru Subbiah Sthapati was honoured for undertaking this difficult task of building steps to the Hill Temple. The group then went in a procession to the top of the hill with kumbham being carried by Senthiladimai Sundaram.

Traditional abishegam was conducted to the moolasthanam and after annadanam the group returned to Chennai.

Murugan adiyars who wish to contribute to this great cause of restoring Jnana Malai Temple to its former prominence and glory are strongly encouraged to make material contributions. The hill needs about 225-250 stone steps to reach the summit. Each stone step like that shown below costs about Rs. 2,000 (or US$ 42) to construct. For details go to the Tiruppani page or to the Donations page.

Jnana Malai profile Prambha Muhurtam Prambha Muhurtam Anointing and abishekam to the First Step
Jnana Malai profile Prambha Muhurtam Prambha Muhurtam Anointing the First Step
Deeparadhana to the step Kumbham being taken to the Hill Kumbham being taken to the Hill Jnanamalai Kovil
Deeparadhana to the step Taking Kumbham to the Hill Taking Kumbham to the Hill Jnanamalai Kovil
Temple Vimanam moolsthanam moolsthanam vahanam Jnanamalai Temple patrons
Temple Vimanam Mulasthanam Vahanam Temple patrons
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