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Jñānāsramam: Jnanamalai Murugan Adiyar Narpani Manram

Activities of the Jnanamalai Murugan Devotees Group

Jnanamalai Development: September 2003

Jñānamalai is where Saint Arunagirinathar was blessed with yogānubhuti and darshan of the lotus feet of the Lord Muruga. Our group of devotional volunteers under the banner of "Siruvapuri Murugan Abishega Committee" has successfully completed Tiruppani in this kshetra including:

  1. Completed construction a 12 foot wide superior granite flight of steps with sidewalls for devotees to ascend the hill for darshan of Lord Jnanamalai Muruga.
  2. For protecting the pilgrims from the hot sun, provided cement sheet roof for the steps.
  3. Constructed madappalli and vahana room on the hill.
  4. Provision of roof around the temple to facilitate darshan of the Lord by devotees.
  5. The Tiruvadip Poonkovil enshrining the steps of Lord Muruga was protected with proper roof.
  6. For the convenience of the pilgrims and for Swami abishegam, from the deep bore well at the foot of the hills water is being pumped to the storage tank on the Hills. From this tank water is supplied for the requirements on the hills.
  7. The Ardhamandapam main mandapam and inside this temple were paved with good dressed granite stones.
  8. For the procession of the Utsavar a new Peacock Vahanam was made and consecrated.
  9. To make the hill greener, with the help of Forest Department officials a tree planting program is being undertaken.

Tiruppani Phase II to be undertaken now includes construction of temple for Jnanasakti Vinayagar at the start of the steps, mandapam at landing of the steps, protecting the natural well (cunai) on the hills and planting special lilies on this pond. A Girivalam route should be developed for the devotees to perform Girivalam. Phase III can be thought of only after completing the above will include building a good stone temple on the hills.

We are planning upliftment and the development of this village—Govindaseri—where the Jnanamalai is situated. The following projects are being undertaken simultaneously (subject to availability of funds/donations) in the near future.

  1. Taking into consideration of the soil, water and other conditions in this village we are considering a good authentic herbal farm with rare medicinal plants to assist the siddha and ayurvedic medicinal needs. We are planning a good ayurvedic hospital for health and rejuvenation. We have the necessary expertise with our members. We can take the advice of the competent organizations as well. We will need about two acres of land to start with and extend to five to eight acres. This project will give employment to the village people who are mainly agriculture based. In the next phase we will plan processing of these herbs.
  2. To enable devotees to conduct marriages, collective prayers, offering annadanam, meditation etc. to construct a hall with rooms with bath and toilet facilities so that people to stay for a day or two.
  3. For the volunteers and retired people who want to offer their services and lead a simple life in the divine village surroundings ,to provide "Jnanakudil" (small dwellings).
  4. Further for the development of the village, to establish a primary medical center, computer and internet facility, center for the development of folk arts and related activity.
  5. To establish a Center for the Kaumara Studies (all about Muruga, the Tamil God). This Center will devote its activities for the research on Tamil culture, arts, and architecture with particular reference to Muruga the Tamil God. This Center will be globally connected through Web sites and disseminate our studies and knowledge.

In order to plan, implement and to sustain all the above plans we propose to form "Jnanasramam"—that is, the Jnanamalai Murugan Devotees Group.

Senthil Adimai Sundaram, President
Tiruppugazh Sangamam
30 September 2003

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