artist's conception of Jnanamalai renovation
Artist's conception of Jnanamalai Project. Click on images to view at full size.
Artist's conception of Jnanamalai renovation

Jñāna Malai Śrī Subrahmanya Swami

Lord Muruga is the embodiment of jñāna (spiritual insight). He is Jñāna Panditan, Jñānaswarupan. By worshipping the Lord as Jñāna Panditan, one obtains jñāna.

Until recently the celebrated Jñāna Malai (Mount of Wisdom) could not be identified. Lord Jñāna Murugan only recently disclosed His presence at Jñānamalai situated near Kaverippakkam in Vellore district at a small village called Govindacheri 14 kilometres from Kaverippakkam.

Arunagirinathar praises the Lord of Jñānamalai in two Tiruppukal songs and by his grace this place was traced out near Kevaipakkam in Velur District. The village by name Kōvintaceri midway between Kaveripakkam and Cōlinkar, has a small hillock on which there is a small Bālasubramanya Swāmi temple.

Here Lord Murukan shines in 'Brahmā Śastā' pose holding rudrāksa māla and kamandalu with Valli and Teyvayānai on both sides. The idol with karanta makuta is from the Pallava period. Arunagirinathar praises the glory of Lord of Tiruvannamalai, who has shown His feet and granted blessings. The idol, which is partly damaged, was deciphered recently.

Kalikarayan (1322-1340 AD) a chieftain of Tantai Mandalam during the reign of Campuravayars Rāja Narāyanan I and Rāja Jarayanan II, constructed the steps for Jñānmalai Murukan temple, as referred in the inscription. Hence this is an important hill abode of Lord Murukan which was visited and praised by Arunagirinathar.

See photo essay "Jānamalai: A Hidden Gem" by Rangan Damal Pattangi

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