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Jñānāsramam Trust activities at Jnanamalai

Jñānāsramam Trust, Jnanamalai

Now Muruga devotees everywhere can see, worship, and participate in the development of the unique hill shrine of Lord Muruga Jñanamalai, the only place where one can find the foot prints of Lord Muruga, revealed only recently in a stone inscription on a hill near Vallimalai / Tiruttani Malai. Jñanamalai is 15 kilometres off the National Highway from Chennai to Bangalore at about 97 km from Chennai.

Lord Muruga after the wedding with Valli at the Vallimalai and on his way to Tiruttani, spent time on this hill as per the oral history of the village and as a proof of this story we can see His Foot Prints on the rock. Jnanamalai is also where Saint Arunagirinathar was blessed with Yogānubhooti and darshan of the lotus feet of Lord Muruga.

This Hill temple of Lord Muruga is situated in the village Govindaseri and is surrounded by lake and fertile plains. The temple is dated about more than 1300 years ago, with the moola vigraha dating back to Pallava era. He is seen in the Brahma Sasta form along with his consorts Valli and Teyvayanai.

From all evidence it appears that there must have been a big Murugan temple and over years of neglect and nature's fury got reduced to a very small temple occasionally visited by the villagers. No regular pujas were being conducted. There was no proper way or steps to the hill temple.

Lord Murugan's footprint at Jnanamalai On the west side there is a very small Siva shrine. Behind this shrine one can see the unique divine Footsteps on the solid rock. This is a volcanic hill and who can put his foot in this molten rock (temperature of 1800 degrees C) to leave a mark on solidification except Lord Muruga who was carried by none other than Agni (Lord of Fire)!

About 600 years ago Saint Arunagirinathar worshipped this temple and the Lord has revealed his Lotus Feet. The one and only internal evidence about the saint's life where he says he was dejected with this life and when he tried to end his life by jumping from the gopuram (tower) Lord Muruga saved him by showing his Feet. Arunagiri himself reveals this information in his Tiruppugazh "manaiyaval nagaikka…" It is also unique that Vallimalai, Tiruttani Malai and Jnanamalai form a triangle within 40 km. distance.

Recently in 1998 a press note in which a stone inscription dating back to AD 1320 was reported in this village in which the name Jnanamalai was mentioned and this has inspired our Murugan devotees group Siruvapuri Abishega Commmittee to research and confirm this as Jnanamalai as sung by Arunagirinathar. The Lord has taken us over and by his grace it was possible for the group with the help of devotees from India, USA, Malaysia, Singapore etc., to clean up, renovate, build 12 foot wide steps, roof for shade, water supply on the hill, peacock vahanam, tree planting, etc. The cost of these projects is about Rs one million.

Looking at the other contributions of our group of devotees, we got involved 23 years ago in a little known (at that time) Murugan temple at Siruvapuri (35 km from Chennai) also sung by Saint Arunagirinathar and today it is a big place of worship. In order to get this temple known to all pujas, abishegam, annadanam, SKanda Sasti festivals, making and installing a unique bronze idol three foot high of Valli Kalyanasundarar, etc. Keeping the needs of this small village, we have built a school at the cost of about Rs. 500,000 and donated to the village. This group of devotees is active in many kumbabishegams like Tiruvidakkali, Karapuri, Siruvapuri, etc.

In the Jnanamalai Temple by the wholehearted efforts of our group, now daily pujas are being conducted, special pujas on Sashti, Krittikai, and every third Sunday of the month along with annadanam. One gurukkal is stationed in this village with family so that he is always available for pujas. Our devotees meet all these expenses by internal contributions.

By His Grace we now want to expand the activities, which include bringing up this temple to its original pristine glory. We have formed a "Jnanāsramam Trust" with the following objectives:

  1. To take all steps to bring this Murugan Temple to its old pristine glory.
  2. To create all facilities for the devotees who come to worship in this unique temple.
  3. To establish dhyana mandapam, yoga nilayam, yagya bhavan, etc., for collective prayers of devotees from India and abroad.
  4. Through donations of members / visitors of the Asramam establish guest houses for those who want to lead peaceful life serving the visiting devotees and the Asramam's cause.
  5. With the active involvement of scholars, to establish a Foundation for Murugan studies, research on Tamil arts, architecture and culture, library, museum etc., and hold international conferences / seminars and to publish magazines, research papers, etc.
  6. To work on the upliftment of the village by establishing primary health centres, folk arts, development of herbal farms, etc.

In order to implement the above objectives and to make this ancient Jñanamalai Murugan Temple into a big pilgrimage centre with all facilities for the devotees, all likeminded persons are invited to contribute their might, participate and get the blessings of Lord Jñanamalai Muruga.

May the Lord of Jñanamalai bless us all to successfully complete these projects.

Jnanāsramam Trust (Regd)

Donations by cheque/DD payable to: "Jnanāsramam Trust"

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