Jnanamalai Padi Vizhā 2007

Tiruppugazh Sangamam's five big vizhas conducted on 27-28th October 2007

On 27th and 28th October 2007 we conducted five functions at Jnanamalai. This was possible by the untiring efforts of our Valaippettai Krishnan.

  1. Padivizha on October 28th from 8 am
    Participating Tiruppugazh Singing Groups:

    All these groups ascended the steps singing Tiruppugazh, one group after the other. And this was going on for four hours. The entire village and surroundings were reverberating with the sound of the divine Tiruppugazh songs on Lord Muruga. We feel sure that our Lord Muruga was present to bless us all and enjoyed the divine Tiruppugazh singing.

  2. Laying foundation stone for the construction of the Tiruvadippoongkoil - temple for the Lord's Foot Print.

    At 8:15 am on 28th Oct 07 - this is the vāstu time - the foundation was laid with pujas by Sivachariar and by all the devotees. It is being planned with the kind grace of our Lord, to build a platform around the Footprint of the Lord and a proper temple above this. The budget is Rs. 2.5 Million. We look forward to our devotees to contribute liberally for this sacred cause. Satguru Muttukumaraguruswami who initiated this project laid the first cornerstone.

  3. Dedication of the newly constructed Arch at the main road junction to Jnanamalai.

    We have built a new arch at the main road junction to Jnanamalai. Mr. Ranganathan of Singapore has sponsred this project costing Rs. 1.5 Million. This was dedicted by two of Mr. Ranganathan's elder brothers. Śrī Prabhakar our Annadanaprabhu was instrumental in getting this done. Śrī Rajadorai of Raj Constructions executed the job.

  4. Tree planting ceremony -- Environmental / Eco social activity.

    As a part of our social commitment, we have planted about 120 trees on 27th Oct as a second phase. We have planted about 250 trees in 2005 in the first phase. They are all growing well.

  5. Vigrahapratishta of Kuramagal Thazhuviya Kumaran - (According to the Tiruppugazh of Janamalai Lord Muruga appeared with his consort Valli by his side before Arunagirinathar.

    Śrī Krishnan has visualised this form and now created a panchaloka vigraha by the renowned Devasenapathi Stapathi of Swamimalai. This is an exquisite vigraha and weighs above 150 kg.

    On 28th October, above vigraha, along with Pradosha Nayagar vigraha on Rishaba Vahanam were consecrated according to Agama Sastra by two renowned Sivachariars. Earlier on 27th evening, these vigrahas were decorated and taken in procession around the village with Nathaswaram and music. As a part of the consecration Homas and Mahabishegam were performed.

    Click on an image at right to view the album at full size.

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