Jnana Malai Valli Teyvanai Samedha Murugan
Jñāna Malai Valli Teyvanai Samedha Murugan

Jñāna Malai: Temple and Vigraha

There is a small temple in typical Pallava style on the hill with a small sanctum and a mandapam. The Lord is in the form Brahmasastā having rosary and kamandala in two hands. The other two hands are in abhaya mudra and resting upon the hip. Generally in Thondai Mandalam (north Tamil Nadu) Pallava and early Chola images conform to this Brahmasastā form. About three feet high with Valli and Devasena as consorts, these are beautiful moolasthana vigrahas. He is called Bālasubramanyar by local people.

Near the temple ther is a small natural water source from which water is brought for temple services.

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