artist's conception of Jnanamalai renovation
Artist's conception of Jnanamalai Project. Click on images to view at full size.
Artist's conception of Jnanamalai renovation

Jñāna Malai Tiruppani

Help make Jñāna Malai accessible to Murugan devotees

In order to facilitate worship this important Murugan temple which serves not only as a place for religious activities, we need to provide steps and other basic amenities. Siruvapuri Murugan Abishega Committee members have decided to construct the steps as well as other facilities.

Murugan adiyars who wish to contribute to this great cause are strongly encouraged to make material contributions. The hill needs about 225-250 stone steps to reach the summit. Each stone step costs about Rs. 2,000 (or US$ 42) to construct.

In addition we intend to construct a small mandapam for the devotees in front of the sannidi and also other basic facilities (cooked food for annadanam is brought from Chennai currently). There will also be two small stone mandapams for pilgrims to rest on the way up and one at the foot of the hill as well.

Murugan adiyars and Kodaivallals are welcome to contribute liberally to the noble cause of steps. With each step, you will be drawn one step closer to Jñāna Malai Jñāna Panditan.

Cheques and drafts should be drawn in favour of "Siruvapuri Murugan Abishega Committee, Chennai India." Cheques and enquiries may be directed to:
Vallayapettai Ra. Krishnan
Siruvapuri Murugan Abishega Committee
52, Muttaiah Mudali Second Street
Chennai - 600017 India

Tel (91) 44 847-4468
Senthil Adimai Sundaram, President
Tiruppugazh Sangamam
"Raghava" Apartments, Apt. 3-B
No. 41-C, Beach Road
Kalakshetra Colony
Besant Nagar
Chennai - 600090 India

Tel: (91) 44 490-1565 or (91) 44 446-3168

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